Educational Programming

Educational Programming

Friday, September 14

Keynote  8:00 - 9:00 a.m.
 Curt Steinhorst
Room: Rocky Mountain Ballroom
Handout: FW Speech Handout

Can I Have Your Attention? Focus Your Team and Get Stuff Done in The Distracted Workplace
For the first time in history, we live in a world without any barriers to connection or communication. This has fundamentally altered the way people work, engage, communicate and relate to one another. The same technology that simplifies processes compromises our focus and makes it ever more difficult to reach increasingly distracted customers. Attention resources have never been more competed over, or more depleted. We are asked to process four times the information that Americans dealth with in 1986, but with less space and time to actually think. Advertisements, alerts, emails, constant notifications - no wonder the average American struggles to make it three minutes without being interrupted! 
In this intensely practical and informative speech, Curt Steinhorst discusses the great challenges we face in a constantly-connected world. He pulls back the curtain to reveal: How did we get there? How deep does this distraction issue go? And where do we go from here? 
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Saturday, September 15

Keynote:  8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
Speaker: Kim Lear
Room: Rocky Mountain Ballroom

The Age of the Multigenerational Workforce

Study after study has shown us that multigenerational teams outperform more homogeneous groups by almost every measure. This can be attributed to their unique and diverse experiences - the more seasoned employees often offer wisdom and expertise while those on the younger end offer a fresh and innovative perspective. While the advantages are numerous, it turns out, managing multigenerational teams is easier said than done. Today's teams are often plagued by issues regarding everything from work ethic to retention to succession and fairness. 
Today, each generation is taking on new roles in the workplace. Millennials are no longer entry-level employees - they are managers who may oversee older, more seasoned employees. Gen Xers have stepped up to the C Suite, reinventing and redefining what it means to be a leader. Boomers are transitioning and taking their careers in new directions and Gen Zers are now on the scene, ready to shake up the work world and present a whole new challenge to their Millennial supervisors. The key to understanding and leveraging these generational trends is to recognize that it's not about "out with the old, in with the new." Every generation brings value to the workforce. 
On top of these new roles, global changes impact all of us, from technology, to increased competition, to the rapid rate of change. But when faced with these changes, each generation learns to adapt differently. 
Kim Lear will give you a closer look into who these generations are and the trends emerging as they adapt to each new career stage. Her research, insights and original concepts will help you better understand each generation. You'll leave with a new appreciation for their unique perspective as they navigate the challenges of building effective teams in this brave new multigenerational workforce. 
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10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
 Reggie Henry, CAE, ASAE
Room: TBD

Technology Trends and the Effects on Associations 
With the amount of disruption in (and caused by) technology today, it is important for associations to focus on what's really important. Strategically, what are the technologies and related trends associations should be focused on? Join Reggie Henry, ASAE's CIO, as he focuses on technologies that help associations navigate three imporant drivers of change, Automating Work, Work Redefined, and Anticipatory Intelligence. Reggie will discuss (and in some cases, demonstrate) some of these technologies and related topics facing organizations today. 

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